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Welcome to MatchWear!

MatchWear is a leading company that specializes in bundles that curate the perfect streetwear and business casual wear. Our mission is to provide individuals with the direction and support they need to find the ideal balance between streetwear and business casual. With a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing options, we aim to make fashion accessible to everyone. Our vision is to create the fashion industry into a setting where people can express themselves and discover individuality. Join us on this fashion journey, as individual as you!

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How we Started....

In September 2015, MatchWear was founded in one of the greatest and most creative fashion powerhouses of the world: New York City. In a city that never sleeps, efficiency is a top priority. MatchWear eliminates a large amount of time spent picking outfits by providing stylish clothing bundles for every occasion.

Our Team.


Sebastian Ospina

Chief Executive Officer

Esther Mei

Human Resources Director

Zara Masudova

Chief Operations Officer


Chloe Chen

Chief Financial Officer


Judy Ke

Chief Creative Officer


Sharon Luo

Chief Marketing Officer

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