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MatchWear 2019-2020


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This outfit consists of a top with sports pants and a pair of comfy sneakers. People can wear it to the gym, yoga class, pilates or any type of work out.
“Coureur” is “runner” in French. The rosy color of leggings adds a little bite “young” vibe to this outfit.
This look is very light and doesn’t add any extra weight to the person. Thus it’s a perfect outfit for running and doing sports.



Decintrate means relaxed and comfortable in French. To match the name, we bundled up with a free size black hoodie and black sweatpants for athletics to work out without the minimum distraction from clothes.
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The lightweight pieces help you to ditch the excess weight of a hoodie and sweatpants allowing you to be at your fastest.
The name COFY is a shortened form of the word ‘comfy’ which represents the comfy feel of this bundle yet keeping it’s sporty edgy. This is what true athleisure looks like, by combining comfort and sports together.
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The name Blink comes from the print of pants. With sports bra top, hoodie, and running shoes are suitable for a city-run.