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Color Analysis Description

Basic Plan:

Users must fill out a questionnaire and submit photos of their face and body, that our certified stylists will then utilize to consult on what colors suit them best.

* Photos must be taken in full daylight, no harsh glares and must NOT be edited*

After submitting the form and photos, our color analysis specialist will analyze it promptly, and a full report will be emailed to you. The report will include:

  • ​​Full results

  • Primary colors (including specific shades)

  • Suggested clothing pieces

  • Explanation behind results 

  • Curated bundles (available for purchase)

Premium Plan:

Experience our exclusive premium subscription package–an elevated offering that surpasses our standard services. With comprehensive body analysis engage in one-on-one consultations with our experienced stylists, determining your primary and secondary colors, and even delving into metals–golds or silvers. Included in this report:

  • Full results + explanations

  • Primary/Secondary/Complementary colors (including specific shades and metals)

  • Suggested clothing pieces

  • Curated bundles

  • On call stylist, discounts & more

Policies and guidelines:

Cancelation: The premium package includes a live consultation with a MatchWear stylist that you have booked. Time is being set aside for this meeting, therefore, there should be a 24 hour notice to the stylists before the designated date for canceling or rescheduling. Given any later and no refunds will be issued. If procedure is properly followed, a refund will be issued within 7 business days.


On the day of the zoom meeting there will be a 10 minute grace period for you to join, if the 10 minutes is lapsed there will be no choice but to reschedule for a different day when your stylist is available. If the call is also missed or not made there will be no more options available other than to repurchase, no refunds will be issued. Such is a strict policy, take measures to avoid complications.

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